Kim So Hyun Talks Kiss Scenes with TaecYeon, and Not Having Guy Friends


Our favorite female ghost fighter, Kim So Hyun, recently sat down for an interview and got candid about boys.

The actress, who is fresh off from wrapping her successful drama “Let’s Fight Ghost”, revealed that she does not have any guys friends. She said ““I don’t have a single guy friend. I don’t even have contact info. Although I graduated from a co-ed middle school, it’s been hard for me to befriend guys.” I find that veeery hard to believe.

Kim continued “In elementary school, all I remember is fighting with boys. Through my work, I’ve ended up meeting oppas more often. As a result, I know how to approach oppas, but I continue to have no friends that are guys. I have the smallest age gap with Yeo Jin Goo oppa out of the oppas I’ve worked with. But I don’t have Yeo Jin Goo oppa’s number though.”


Not having any male friends, would no doubt make anyone nervous about filming kiss scenes for a major drama. Kim said that filming those scenes were indeed nerve wrecking. She said “I didn’t know there would be so many kiss scenes with Taecyeon” She continued “In the beginning, the director said that there would either be no kiss scenes at all or just one or two, but we had as many as four. Because the kiss scenes came out nicely and sweet, I am satisfied with them.” Well, we are too. This drama was a great surprise. I didn’t expect much in the beginning, other than a cheesy romance, however the chemistry between Kim and Taecyeon really blew me away. Kudos to the entire production for a job well done.



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