Kim Sung Min Dead, Days After Attempted Suicide

kim sung min

Kim Sung Min (“Couple or Trouble”, “Can We Get Married”) has passed away after his attempted suicide on June 24th.

Kim’s family had made the heartbreaking decision to remove him from life support, after the doctors pronounced him brain dead.

Kim’s son had called the police on June 24th, to inform them that his father was assaulting his mother. Kim’s wife and son left the residence after the alleged altercation. Kim’s wife later called the police and asked them to to check on Kim. When police arrived, they found Kim unconsciousness in the bathtub, and it appeared that he had hung himself with his tie on the shower curtain rod. He spent 2 day in a coma, which led to careful examinations and final diagnosis.

Kim’s wife claims that it was not assault but a routine fight between husband and wife. He appeared to be drinking before committing suicide.

My deepest and most sincere condolences to the Kim family. This is such a senseless loss that is hard to make sense of. I pray the family finds peace…

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