Kim Woo Bin is a Rockstar?!


KBS2 is building so much hype around this one, which leads me to believe that it will be a huge disappointment. Yet another trailer is released and this one seems to be more awkward than the last. Kim Woo Bin plays Shin Joon Young, a cocky rockstar who is used to getting what he wants. This isn’t much of a stretch from his previous rolls, minus of course the rockstar part. Suzy is shown looking at her camera as she is filming him for her documentary, when she look up and tries her hardest to look as if she was admiring a little too much as a voice-over says  “Don’t fall for Joon Young hyung, noona.”

I caught myself wincing a bit while watching the teaser. I don’t know if it is because Kim Woo Bin looks so awkward and unnatural holding a guitar, or because Suzy has that same blank look on her face.

Usually when there is so much hype around a drama that involves a huge production and big names, a lot of times it tends to be a let down. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for this one, as I will be tuning in out of curiosity at this point.

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