Kim Woo Bin Talks Suzy And “Uncontrollably Fond” For Elle Korea!


Kim Woo Bin looks very dashing in his pictorial for the August issue of Elle Korea. The talented actor talked candidly about his first Leading role in “Uncontrollably Fond”.

Kim was apparently worried about portraying his character in a way that relates to the viewers. He said he often asked his costar Suzy for advice “While on set, I would ask Suzy a lot of questions. Guys will like Suzy no matter what she does, but for me, it’s a hit or miss”. He continued “When I’m confused or not sure, I also even ask the female staff on set”.


The actor went on to say that he thinks of his success as luck “I was lucky. They say that in life you get three opportunities. I think I got those opportunities just a little sooner. I always tell my friends who started out in this industry with me that it’s not because I’m better but that the opportunity simply arose sooner for me than for them. I tell them not to give up too.”


I am little surprised to hear that he was so worried portraying Shin Joon Young in”Uncontrollably”. The character is not far off from what we usually see him play, an arrogant, witty, tough guy. I am even more shocked that he would rely so much on Suzy’s advice, since she is not really known for her acting and receives quite a bit of criticism herself. I am glad however, to see so much humility from him at such a young age. Most actors quickly get used to fame and the privileged lifestyle that comes with it, but he seems to remember that he is indeed very fortunate. Kim Woo Bin…fighting!



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