Lee Jae Hoon and Shin Min Ah’s “Tomorrow With You” Drops A Nostalgeic Preview


The long awaited and highly anticipated “Tomorrow With You” released it’s second teaser, and fans are officially excited. The fantasy rom-com is about a time traveler (Lee Je Hoon) and his wife (Shin Min Ah). Lee will play a successful real estate mogul and a time traveler. He marries Shin Min Ah without love, but we all know that will change over the course of the show.

At first, upon hearing of the Shin/Lee pairing I was a bit disappointed. Both actors carry some weight, but I just could not imagine the two as an on-screen couple. Having seen the last two previews however, gives me hope. I really like Shin Min Ah, who is at this point somewhat of a veteran in the industry, and hope that this role is her best to date.

The drama is expected to release at least two more teasers ahead of the February 3rd premier date.

Check out the second teaser below!



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