Lee Je Hoon Offered Lead Role Opposite Shin Min Ah In “Tomorrow With You”!


tvN has offered the lead male role in their upcoming drama “Tomorrow With You” to Lee Je Hoon. Lee Min Ki was originally the front runner for the role, but the network decided to go a different route after his recent scandal. Now it seems that Lee Je Hoon (“Fashion King”) will most likely land the coveted role.

“Tomorrow With You” is a fantasy rom-com about a time traveler and his wife. The drama will be directed by Yoo Je Won (“Oh My Ghostess”). This was originally in the running against Ji Chang Wook’s drama “K2” for the fall spot, but has been pushed back until 2017. If Lee accepts the role, then he will be starring opposite Shin Min Ah in this drama.


Lee has been offered the part of the husband, who is a rich real estate owner and a time traveler. While time traveling into the future, he sees that he will be very unhappy later in life. To avoid this fate, he married Shin Min Ah who he does not love. However, as time goes by he begins to slowly fall in love with her. How could anyone not love Shin Min Ah…

I am excited to hear more on this project. I don’t expect much movement on this soon, since the drama will not be airing until 2017 and the network is busy producing other shows at the moment. However, I am hoping for a strong male lead opposite Shin Min Ah. Anything less will get lost in her presence.



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