“A” Claims She Never Confessed, Lee Jin Wook And Police Respond!


There is no end to the drama in Lee Jin Wook’s sexual assault scandal. Last week is was reported that the accuser who is known as “A”, confessed that she lied about the allegation against Lee. Now, she is claiming that she never admitted that the accusations were untrue. In an exclusive interview with The Fact she stated that she refused Lee’s advances and the police coerced her to confess. She claims “They lead me to confess saying that whether I admit or deny the flow is against my favor and I could end up in prison for false accusation. They even told me what to say.”


Lee’s agency responded saying “We didn’t hear about her refuting her statement from the police”. The police department also made a statement on the matter, saying “At the time we investigated Lee Jin Wook’s accuser ‘A’ with her lawyer in attendance. The confession was made without the use of force. Following the results of the investigations, a request for an arrest warrant was made since the charges of false accusation were admitted but the request was denied. We will try to resolve this case quickly after reviewing the judge’s reason for rejection and the prosecutor’s opinion. If it is needed, we can call in Lee Jin Wook and A again for additional questioning.”

Just when you though this was settled, more accusations surface. I can’t imagine this will turn out well for “A”. If in fact, the police have a recording of the alleged confession, she may bring more charges upon herself accusing the them of coercion. Let’s see how this turns out when all is said and done.





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