Lee Jong Suk is an Olympic Sharpshooter in New Stills from “W”


MBC has released new stills from the much anticipated “W”, and it shows off Lee Jong Suk’s sharp shooting skills.

In the drama Lee Jong Suk plays Kang Chul, who aside from being a wealthy chaebol, is also a gold medalist in sharpshooting. I am not sure how the writer will tie in sharpshooting along with being a successful billionaire at such a young age. Since the drama is about two parallel universes where one is real and one is not, it is becoming quite obvious that Kang Chul is the one who lives in the world that is not real.

Han Hyo Joo plays a surgeon in the drama, and it will be very interesting to see how the two cross paths. I am really looking forward to this. “W” so far seems like a breath of fresh. Tune in to watch the first episode on July 20th.

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