Lee Jong Suk & Suzy To Co-Star in a New Drama Together

The word on the street is that it is official! Rumors have been flying for the past 48 hours since it has been leaked that everybody’s favorite k-drama bad boy may be romancing Korea’s sweetheart in a new drama, and now sources are saying that it is pretty much set in stone.

The new series will be coming to us from the writer Park Hye Ryun, who is famous for “Dream High”, “Pinocchio” and ” I Hear Your Voice.” If these sound familiar, well that’s because Lee Jong Suk has starred in two of these (“I Hear Your Voice” and “Pinocchio”), while Suzy has been seen in “Dream High.” The writer obviously has her favorites when it comes to casting new dramas, and likes to go with actors she is already familiar with.
Words can not describe at the excitement I feel knowing that Jong will be doing another one of her dramas. Her two previous works are probably one of the best projects he has done, with a addition of the recent “W.” Suzy on the other hand I am surprised by and a bit disappointed. She keeps being cast in lead roles opposite power house actors and she has yet to deliver. After “Uncontrollably Fond” was met with so much deserved criticism, I was sure that it would be a while before she was cast in yet another drama, but here we are months later with this news. I am hoping that since the writer has worked with her before and can make up for her shortcoming with clever writing.


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