Lee Jong Suk Talks “W” in the September Issue of High Cut

Lee Jong Suk High Cut

Lee Jong Suk, better known as Kang Chul these days, graces the cover of High Cut’s 181’s issue this month. The actor is winter ready, and sported mostly sweater and long coats for the photo shoot. At this point, Lee can put on a potato sack and look good doing it. The handsome actor is a natural in front of the camera which is a nod to┬áhis early modeling days.

Lee also sat down with the magazine, and spoke about his hit drama “W.” Lee described the script and talked about how wordy a single episode can be. He said “Usually I change literary style scripts to words that are more comfortable for my mouth and acting, but for ‘W’ I just kept it the same. Among all of the projects I’ve done so far, this one has the most lines. I always carry my script with me and even sleep with it near my bedside.” He continued “The writer asked me to learn my lines as fast as possible in order to deliver them well giving me the drama ‘Nine: 9 Times Time Travel’ and British drama ‘Sherlock’ as examples.”

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As for the much talked about handcuff kiss scene with Han Hyo Joo, Lee was very professional, saying “I researched a lot about what to do with the hands since the female lead’s hands are in handcuffs as well as what angle to place my head. It came out just as pretty as I had expected.” Oh it definitely did.


“W” is one of the best, if not the best show of 2016. To hear Lee Jong Suk be so professional and chivalrous is icing on the cake. I am going to miss the show when it ends in a couple of weeks.



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