Lee Jong Suk’s “W” Releases First Teaser


MBC has released its first teaser for “W” starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo.

This drama will be a supernatural series that will have the two leads come from parallel universes, one fantasy and one reality that exist at the same time.

Lee Jong Suk will play Kang Chul, a chaebol who seems to live on the edge, judging from the teaser of his love for fast cars and street fighting.

Han Hyo Joo will play a surgeon, who is looking for her father. In the clip she is seen running and seemingly looks frightened. Could this be because she doesn’t recognize the world she is in? She then wakes up in an unfamilar place and cries “I think I’m going to get captured by the police! What have I done?”

The teaser then shows Lee Jong Suk somewhere on a rooftop, inadvertently thinking to himself “Oh Yeon-joo, where are you right now?”

Is he looking for someone that is no longer in the same world as him? Hmmm so many unanswered questions…

This drama comes from the writer of Queen Inhyun’s Man, and since I cried my eyes out with that drama I am secretly hoping for more of the same with this.

“W” airs on July 20th and will take the Wednesday/Thursday slot on MBC.

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