Lee Kwang Soo’s Web Drama “Sound of Heart” Releases Official Posters


Web drama time…..KBS’ fist web-based series released it’s first official posters featuring the entire cast this week. The drama, which stars Lee Kwang Soo, Jung So Min and Kim Dae Myung will be premiering in December, which is no winder for the sudden exposure the network is starting to produce.

“Sound of Heart” depicts various stories of real life cartoonist Jo Suk and the people surrounding him, which includes his older brother Jo Joon and his girlfriend  Ae-Bong. The drama is based a a popular web-toon, which has been around since 2006. EXID’s Hani was originally offered the female lead role but declined.


There is not much else to go on t this point, since the drama has not been making the regular news bites and has only recently come to the surface. Lee Kwang Soo is starring in the project, so this will actually be airing simultaneously with “Entourage”, which will only generate more ratings. Makes you wonder if this is just a mere coincidence or a really clever strategy. Regardless, Lee makes anything worth while cheking out.


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