Lee Min Ho and Suzy Break Up?!


It is being reported that the celebrity powerhouse couple have called it quits. This isn’t the first time rumors are flying of a break up. Earlier this year the world was in an uproar when the internet started buzzing with talk of a break up only to be put to rest by both actors’ agencies. This time however, it seems that there maybe something to this.

Apparently Suzy had unresolved feelings with an ex boyfriend when she started dating Lee Min Ho. It is said that he chased her for some time until finally breaking down walls and sealing the deal. If we are to believe this latest turn of event though it seems that that deal only lasted 15 months. She is reportedly rekindling a romance with the ex boyfriend and has even been seen out on dates with him.

Lee Min Ho has been spotted wearing a couple’s ring as recent as last week so who know if there is any truth to this round’s gossip.

I am sure that one of their agencies will come out to either confirm or repute this latest scandal.


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