Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun’s “Legend of the Blue Sea” Adds Two More Cast Members!


Two more actors were added to what is anticipated to be the drama of the year  “Legend of the Blue Sea”. SBS announced that Lee Ji Hoon (“Six Flying Dragons”) and veteran actress Moon Sori (“All About My Family”) will be joining the star studded cast.

Lee Ji Hoon will play Heo Chi Hyun, who is Lee Min Ho’s cold hearted half-brother. Heo Chin Hyun is described as ruthless and is a man who becomes very loyal to his father after Lee Min Ho leaves home. Lee Ji Hoon so far is the youngest cast member, but his talent is undeniable. He has been climbing the ranks quickly in the past few years, and this drama will probably officially put him on the map.


Moon Sori is set to play Ahn Jin Joo, who is described as a rich woman living in Gangnam. Moon Sori is a veteran actress, who has years of experience and success in the industry. I can’t see her not shining in whatever role she takes on.

moon sori

“Legend of the Blue Sea” is a fantasy romance between a fisherman/con-artist and a mermaid. This will be Lee Min Ho’s last drama before he enlists for his two year mandatory military service. This is also the first drama for Jun Ji Hyun since the birth of her first child in February.

To say that I am excited for this project, is an understatement. This will no doubt rival any other drama that is already considered a classic just based on who is involved. SBS won’t have any trouble getting the viewers to tune in. Both Lee and Jun are such forces on screen, that I can only imagine their chemistry to be explosive. The drama will air in November, but I am hoping to start seeing stills and possibly posters soon.



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