Lee Min Ho and Suzy Still Dating?!


The rumors of a break up surrounding Lee Min Ho and Suzy are always present, but the star couple felt it necessary to actually address this week.

The couple IS indeed still together. Lee’s and Suzy agencies, both released statements sayingthat “The rumor about the couple’s break up is false.” Lee’s agency went on to say “Due to his busy schedule in K-Con 2016, Lee Min Ho was unable to confirm the truth. We later heard directly from him that they are still meeting well”. Suzy agency added “Suzy has clarified the truth with us. She says that they are still dating”.


I find it a bit odd that the couple found it necessary to address these rumors. We haven’t heard them comment on the status of their relationship since it was first announced over a year ago. There were some speculation that the couple may have broken up during the promotion of “Uncontrollably Fond”. When a reporter asked Suzy during the press conference for the drama, if her and Lee were still dating, Kim Woo Bin stepped in and rescued Suzy by saying that Suzy’s boyfriend Lee Min Ho, and his girlfriend Shin Min Ah are both very supportive of their drama. Well..whatever their current situation is, it can’t be easy to always be scrutinized by the public. I wish the couple to stay well and to endure the constant speculations surrounding their status.


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