Lee Min Ho’s Agency Denies Rumors of a Relationship with Taylor Swift


Lee Min Ho is involved in a new scandal, and this one is a bit….strange. The actor, who is currently in the middle of filming “Legend of the Blue Sea”, has been rumored to be dating Taylor Swift.

Lee is by no means a stranger to scandal. Due to the actor’s popularity, he is embroiled in a new scandal weekly, however usually these things come and go without his agency releasing a press release on the matter. For whatever reason his agency decided to address this particular rumor, stating “It’s ridiculous and we are taken aback. Lee Min Ho is currently overseas and focusing on acting, so it’s difficult to nosily ask him about Taylor Swift. Perhaps he got involved in this dating rumor because his filming in Spain is receiving a lot of attention from international press” The rep for the agency went on to say that the two have never even met.


Sources are also saying that Lee is happily continuing his relationship with his girlfriend of over a year Suzy.


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