Lee Sang Yoon Talks Girlfriend UEE in the latest Pictorial for Singles Magazine


Ohhh the irony….Lee Sang Yoon recently shot a pictorial for Singles magazine and spoke candidly about his personal life, and currently airing drama “On the Way to the Airport.”

The actor, who is far from single, said that his girlfriend UEE teases him about this chemistry with co-star Kim Ha Neul but is very supportive. The actor also went on to explain that they are very comfortable and playful with each other. He said “When we’re together, we play silly jokes on each other. I like to joke around a lot. I think that you become close to people through teasing each other.” He continued “Because of that, I think I have confidence in playing clumsy characters who do weird things.”


It’s nice to hear that UEE is a supportive girlfriend. Both stars are actors and can relate well to having to act out scenes that are not comfortable for them or for their significant other in real life. However, that is the nature of the beast when you are an actor. Being supportive of each other is always the first step in normalizing what otherwise would have been an abnormal thing to go through. However, I can’t imagine that it is easy watching your other half being intimate with someone else on screen.


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