Lee Seung Gi Does Not Have a Love Child! Police Identify Culprit in Malicious Rumor


Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Korea’s “son in law” fathered a secret child with a make up artist. In the allegations, the source claimed that he fully supports this child and has even visited him/her several times since he has been in the army.

Upon hearing such claims, Lee’s agency denied the accusations and vowed to take legal action against the person who started these rumors. Well, now they can make good on their promise because the culprit has been caught.

Apparently, the offender works for a phone company and posted the rumors in a group chat while she was at work. The twist here, is that the rumor also included another employee who works in a different department at the same company as the mother of the child.

As of today, Lee’s agency and the woman falsely accused have both filed charges against the offender.

I am not sure if I am more shocked by the stupidity of this offender, or by the fact that it turned into this. The mouse grew into an elephant in less than 48 hours, and now her life may be ruined.

Lesson learned everyone…DO NOT start false rumors about celebrities. Especially not about celebrities like Lee Seung Gi, who can do no wrong in the public’s eye.

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