Lee Soo Kyung Up For Lead Role In MBC’s New Weekend Drama!

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MBC has been looking for a lead for it’s weekend drama titled “Father, Ill Take Care Of You”, and may have found it in Lee Soo Kyung. Lee is rumored to have received the script, and it currently positively looking it over.


“Father, Ill Take Care Of You” is about an elderly couple that is excited to start their life together as empty-nesters after all their children become adults. The plan is ruined when all four children decide to move back home for various reasons. The family then begins to relearn the strength of familial bonds and become stronger as a result of their hardships. Kim Jae Won (“May Queen”) is also considering a role in the drama, as an international executive who is unhappy.

The drama will air in October on MBC, after “Flower In Prison” finishes it’s run. Stay tuned for more casting news on this.


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