“Legend of the Blue Sea” is Back From Filming Overseas and Sits Down for an Official Script Reading


The entire production for “Legend of the Blue Sea” is back on home turf in Korea, after filming for over a month in exotic locations all over Europe. The cast showed up to a table reading on October 8th and we finally have some photos.

The drama is a fantasy romance between a fisherman/con-artist(Lee Min Ho) and a mermaid (Jun Ji Hyun). The story is based on one of Korea’s first romance storybooks. The book tells a tale about a real life fisherman names Kim Dam Nyeong, who set a mermaid free after she was caught by fishermen.

legend-of-the-blue-sea2legend-of-the-blue-sea3legend-of-the-blue-sea4legend-of-the-blue-sea5legend-of-the-blue-sea9legend-of-the-blue-sea10Everyone looks pretty rested, considering the grueling shooting schedule, and can we also mention Lee Min Ho’s Hair? The drama travels back and forth between past and present day, so I am curious if he is rocking the hairdo for the old or new version of himself. I don’t know if I am liking the new look, but I will say that I won’t have him confused with any other recent roles because of it.

“Legend” will premier on November 16th on SBS to a much awaiting audience.



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