Lee Mon Ho and Jun Ji Huyn are Headed to Spain for the Filming of “Legend of the Blue Sea”

legend of the blue sea

SBS’ “Legend of the Blue Sea” is headed to Spain! The drama which of course stars Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, has been filming in exotic locations since last month and is now on their way to the beautiful beach side of Spain. This can only guarantee one thing….realistic scenery since our heroine is a mermaid.

legend of the blue sea3

“Legend of the Blue Sea” is a fantasy romance between a fisherman/con-artist(Lee Min Ho) and a mermaid (Jun Ji Hyun). The story is based on one of Korea’s first romance storybooks. The book tells a tale about a real life fisherman names Kim Dam Nyeong, who set a mermaid free after she was caught by fishermen. Lee Min Ho will tackle two roles in the drama. He will play Kim Mu (Kim Dam Nyeong’s son) in the Jeseon dynasty, and also a present day con-artist.

The drama will premier on November 16th, and will run on Wednesday/Thursdays.

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