Let’s Fight Ghost Releases New Teaser, and It’s Really Cute!


tnN has released another preview for “Let’s Fight Ghost” and I’m kind of getting “Master’s Sun” vibes.

In the drama, Taecyeon plays Park Bong Pal, who is a college student and works as a part time exorcist since he has the ability to see and touch ghosts.

Kim So Hyun plays Kim Hyun Ji, who is a high school student that becomes a ghost after she dies right before her college exams. She sticks around and does not cross over to the other side, because she feels cheated for not being able to take the exam and go to college after all her years of doing nothing but studying. She shacks up with Taecyeon and the two become a ghost exterminator team.

This one has all the characteristics of a really cute drama. The leads are not only adorable by themselves, but they are also adorable together. I have a feeling this will be a typical You-Are-The-Last-Person-I-Should-Fall-in-Love-with-But-Do-Anyway drama, with a couple of scary scenes sprinkled on top.

Lets fight ghost airs July 11th on tvN.


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