Lim Ji Yeon Talk Park Hyung Sik and Wanting to Date


Lim Ji Yeon appeared on MBC’s “Section TV” on Sunday June 12th and talked about her dating life and favorite romantic scenes.

She admitted to developing an interest in dating by stating that “Lately, I’ve been wanting to start dating. I usually like going to the movies alone, but recently, I’ve seen couples everywhere. That made me think (and develop an interest in dating).”

She was later asked what her favorite romantic scene to date is, and she chose “The hotel scene that I shot with Park Hyung Sik”.

She and Park Hyung Sik filmed “High Society” last year and quickly became the fan favorite, even over the main lead couple. They were actually the reason I tuned in as well. Their chemistry was amazing and I found myself skipping through other scenes to get to theirs.

Lim Ji Yeon is currently starring alongside Jang Keun Suk in “Jackpot” on SBS.

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