Chae Jung Ahn Maybe Joining Park Hae Jin in “Man to Man”

chae junh ahn

Actress Chae Jung Ahn (“Entertainer”, “Yong Pal”) is currently in negotiations to join Park Hae Jin and Park Sung Woong in JTBC’s drama “Man to Man.”

The drama is about a popular movie star (Park Sung Woong) who has mastered the art of playing the villain on screen. However, he also harbors a painful past in his real life. Park Hae Jin will play a special agent who disguises as a bodyguard to shadow Park Sung Woong. If Chae Jung Ahn accepts the role, she will play Song Mi Eun, who is a former beauty queen married to a chaebol. After her husband suddenly asks for a divorce, she turns to an old boyfriend (Park Sung Woong) for help and guidance.

chae junh ahn2

This drama is getting more interesting by the day. At first Park Hae Jin was the only thing that was attractive about this project, but as casting is solidified and more of the plot is revealed, the more I want to know more. Since the drama will not air until next year, I am not expecting for this to come together overnight. However, I do have my eye on this, and look forward to more details.


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