“Master” Movie Releases it’s First Trailer, Featuring Lee Byung Hun, Kim Woo Bin & Kang Dong Won

Master movie

First teaser for the movie “Master” is finally here, and it features three of our main leads. Lee Byung Hun, Kim Woo Bin and Kang Dong Won co-star in the action flick, about a criminal investigation team that is trying to uncover the mastermind behind a major corruption case.

What is there to say about this cast, other than all three actors should be dynamite together on screen. A gray haired Lee Byung Hun will play Chairman Jin who is the face of the criminal organization. The clip shows Lee saying “Fraud? If it gets into the trillions, what will they call it then?”. Kang Dong Won will play the head of the investigation team. He is shown saying “We’re going to perfectly close this case, and remove the rotten head.” Ki Woo Bin will play Park Jang Goon, who is the actual mastermind behind Chairman Jin. The trailers shows Kim saying “Now, let the race begin.”

It will be interesting to see Lee and Kim co-star in this project. One thing is for sure, the last thing this film will be lacking is charisma. I much prefer Seeing Kim Woo Bin is a movie like this, rather than a drawn out melodrama (“Uncontrollably Fond”).

“Master” is due out sometime in December.

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