MBC Releases Stills of Lee Jong Suk And Han Hyo Joo On A Date, And Postpones Airing Of This Week’s Episodes


UPDATE:  MBC announced that episode 7 will air as originally scheduled. The network stated “Episode seven will not be postponed and will air during its regular broadcast time”. However, plans for episode 8 are still unconfirmed. The network continued “For August 11, ‘W’ is second in priority. The first program to air will be the relay games. Because a lot of important matches are taking place on August 11, we have not yet finalized the schedule”.

Most likely episode 8 will be postponed according to that statement. At least we get to see one episode this week!

MBC dropped new stills from an upcoming episode of “W”, and everyone is swooning.

The shots show Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo enjoying a date, all while wearing couple outfits!


This couple looks like the real deal even in snapshots. I can’t think of a better matched pair than these two in a long while. I know everyone is in anticipation from what to expect in the coming episodes, and this is a really good taste of that. The drama has been knocking it our of the park with it’s original storyline and clever writing.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait to see this week’s and maybe even next week’s episodes. MBC has confirmed that they will be rescheduling the drama due to the Olympics games. They stated “This week’s episodes of ‘W’ will be pushed back in order to broadcast the Olympics. After results from the games are released, ‘W’ is scheduled to air, but it might be postponed once more. Due to the 12 hour difference between Rio and Korea, the broadcast network will make their decision in the morning.” Fans are not happy. Many took to the message boards to vent their frustration. I am quite shocked to hear that the show may be postponed another week after this. The Olympics are important, but to take this kind of stance on airing a very popular drama is risky. I hope this decision does not backfire. “W”…we will miss you.

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