“Missing 9” Has Finally Cast Jung Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee as It’s Leads


The game of musical chairs is officially over. MBC has finally solidified the leads for it’s upcoming drama “Missing 9.”

Jung Kyung Ho (“One More Happy Ending”) and Baek Jin Hee (“Triangle”) will be starring together in the mystery thriller. The drama has already seen it’s share of drama, since the show has cast and re-cast the leads several times. I have to admit, it may all have been worth it. I have been a fan of Jung Kyung Ho since his stint on “Falling for Innocence.” Seeing how he was able to bring out emotions that were all over the spectrum makes me look forward to seeing what he can do with this drama.


“Missing 9″ is a Chinese-Korean collaboration, and will be a story about a group of idols who crash onto a deserted island after their plane goes down. It is said to be a drama about self growth and coming of age along with a fantasy romance. There is no word yet on when shooting is expected to commence, however the premier date will be set sometimes early in 2017.



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