“Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” is Rumored to Extend the Series, Among the Kim Yoo Jung Contreversary


KBS’ surprise mega hit drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” is said to be contemplating extending the series by two more episodes of the 18-episode drama. I found that 18 episodes is a bit odd anyway, when most dramas tend to be 16/20 episodes standard. The show is performing better than expected with rating inching up into the 20%. It’s only natural for a network to want to capitalize the success, it happens quite often.

For now production is strictly denying the rumor, saying “If we had heard anything about the drama being extended two episodes, we would have started discussing schedule adjustments, but as of right now, we haven’t been told anything about an extension.” They continued “The two-episode extension is something that was simply brought up internally at the station, and hasn’t been discussed at all with the actors, writer, or production staff. With the current script writing process, it may be difficult to extend the drama.”

News of an extension comes days after the network came under fire for a scene portraying Kim Yoo Jung in a state of undress. The 16 year old actress is shown wrapping her upper body to disguise the fact that she is a girl. The criticism is due to Kim’s age, which netizens are calling “inappropriate” because she is a minor. The scene in question is currently under review to see if it is relevant and appropriate to the plot, or if it needs to be edited out in future re-runs. Production for the drama stated “It is a sad scene about Hong Ra On, who is unable to live as a woman despite being a woman.”


I tend to agree with production on the matter. If one watched the episode in full, they realize that the scene is more than appropriate and may be even necessary. Korea is a conservative country when it comes to censorship,but sometimes the audience takes the ideology a bit too far.




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