Joo Won’s “My Sassy Girl” Has Yet to Confirm Female Lead, With Filming Just Around the Corner


There’s drama behind the drama. SBS’s remake of “My Sassy Girl” has been having a hard time casting their female lead. Joo Won landed the coveted male role months ago, and the network held open auditions to cast the female role. After thousands of applicants, the network announced that Kim Joo Hyun, an unknown actress, has landed the sought after role. If you thought that was the end of casting, you thought wrong. SBS released a statement not too long after, that Kim has given up the role due to the pressure and limelight the came with it. Rumors started flying rapidly about who would replace Kim, and sources close to production were saying that Oh Yeon Seo (“Shine or Go Crazy”) was offered the part. This was weeks ago, and still no word on who will be our heroin.

The rumor mill is exploding. Sources are saying that SBS decided that taking a chance on a newbie actress posed too much of a risk. However, the network could not just come out and admit to this after all the hoopla that surrounded the open auditions. So the network quietly reduced Kim Joo Hyun’s role to a supporting character, and began searching for a more famous leading lady…hence Oh Yeon Seo. All this is just crazy at this point. The drama is set to start filming by the end of the month. I find it very hard to believe that nothing has been confirmed. Usually, this much drama before production even begins is not a good sign. This drama is highly anticipated based on the success of the original 2001 version. Production…let’s get it together.

“My Sassy Girl” is about a trouble-maker princess who falls in love with a cold hearted scholar.



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