Namgoong Min Being Courted for a New Historical Drama


Namgoong Min (“Beautiful Gong Shim”) is up for a new drama! The actor has recently received an offer to star in a new historical project called “Rebel Hong Gil Dong”, and sources are saying that he is really interested. Namgoong’s agency, 935 Entertainment, released a statement saying “It is true that he received an offer to act in ‘Rebel Hong Gil Dong,’ but he’s only reviewing it positively at the moment. He has not made the decision to appear yet.

“Rebel Hong Gil Dong” is based on a very popular character of the 16th century, who was known as the “people’s hero.” He was born to a nobleman and a concubine and therefor was considered illegitimate. He was not able to pursue his dreams of a proper life and ended up leaving his home to eventually become the leader of group of “Robin Hoods”, who would steal fro the rich to give to the poor.


This sounds like so much fun. The actor has been branching out in the last few years when picking roles, so I can definitely see him taking on something like this. If he does accept the offer, this will be his second historical drama. The series is said to most likely run on Monday/Tuesday time-slot and premier sometime in early 2017.




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