New Drama from the Writer of Secret is in the Works for End of Year


Yoo Bo Ra,the writer for Secret, is hard at work on a new Drama scheduled for the fall line up on KBS. “Savage Heat” has reportedly been in the works since last year and is aiming for the Wednesday/Thursday time slot.

“Savage Heat” is rumoured to be about a man who becomes a bad guy to survive and protect the woman he loves. The kick to the story is that this man has an older brother who is a detective and will be chasing the criminal younger brother, all while falling in love with the same woman. Whoa, if that’s not a recipe for a major love triangle then I don’t know what is. Secret was such a phenomenal drama that I still go back and rewatch parts quite often. This paired up with a good classic love triangle should be interesting to see. I can’t wait for more information to be released on this.

Stay tuned…


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