Drama Poster and New Teaser Shows a Sweet Side to “Doctors” Couple


The new teaser for “Doctors” is here and it continues to show Park Shin Hye as a bad girl, who obviously at some point turns her life around to become a respected doctor. In this teaser, more of the backstory is continuing to pour out as I am sure the writer wants to establish a deep history between to two main leads. It show Park Shin Hye riding on the back on Ji Soo’s motorcycle, which I am guessing was her bad boy crush back in high school, and continuing to get into fight wherever she goes. Kim Rae Won is surgeon who becomes a biology teacher after a patient dies on his operating table. He meets Park Shin Hey in school and the two initially cant get a long. That all changes of course, as he later jokes “You’ve totally fallen for me, haven’t you?”

The Drama poster says, “After meeting you, I’m becoming a better person.” I think the tagline of “becoming a better person” is an indication that this will be a coming of age drama. From what I can see from the snip-it, Kim Rae Won seems to be completely in his element. He comes across as charismatic and I have to admit I am actually quite excited to see how he is going to portray this character. Park Shin Hye on the other hand is irritating me already. She is a hit or miss for me and I actually caught myself wincing at a few of her scenes. I don’t know how she is going to pull of this”bad girl character”, it just seems so mismatched.

Either way I will definitely be tuning in for this one!

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