Oh Ji Ho and Oh Yoon Ah to Possibly Star in “Oh My Geumbi”


We have conflicting reports here, however all signs are pointing to Oh Ji Ho (“My Little Baby”) and Oh Yoon Ah (“Angry Mom”) to star opposite each other in a new drama called “Oh My Geumbi.” Reps for the KBS  series released a statement earlier in the week confirming both actors for the project. Not soon after, agencies for the pair released their own releases denying that casting has been finalized. Oh Ji Ho’s agency stated “Oh Ji Ho did receive an offer to appear in ‘Oh My Geumbi.’  He’s in the reviewing stage.” Oh Yoon Ah’s reps all followed suit, saying “She received the casting offer for ‘Oh My Geumbi’ and is positively reviewing it.”

The drama is about an eight year old girl who suffers from dementia. Her father (Oh Ji Ho), who is a con-man, learns about how precious life is due to him daughter’s illness. Jang Joo Young (Oh Yoon Ah) will get involved with the father/daughter pair through unknown circumstances.


There has been no official scheduling yet, but sources are saying that the series will most likely premier in November, after “On the Way to the Airport” finishes it’s run. Let’s wait for confirmation on casting.


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