Oh Ji Ho Confirmed for KBS’ “Oh My Geumbi”


Actor Oh Ji Ho (“My Little Baby”) has officially joined KBS’ upcoming drama “Oh My Geumbi.” The network announced earlier this week that after a lot of back and forth the spot for the male lead has been filled by the veteran actor.

“Oh My Geumbi” is about an eight year old girl who suffers from dementia. Her father (Oh Ji Ho), who is a con-man, learns about how precious life is due to him daughter’s illness. Jang Joo Young (Oh Yoon Ah) will get involved with the father/daughter pair through unknown circumstances.



Oh is apparently excited about his new role, and stated “I can immerse myself even more in the feelings of Mo Hwee Chul as I am also the father of a little girl.” There is a lot more to be finalized before the premier of the drama on November 16th, but at least we now have our male lead.


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