Oh Yeon Seo Replaces Kim Joon Hyun In “My Sassy Girl”!


SBS’s “My Sassy Grirl” has had an unexpected lead role switch up. Kim Joon Hyun, who was originally chosen through a vigorous process and won the role over thousands of other applicants, has suddenly dropped out of the project. The production did not name the reason for this sudden departure. The speculation is that she felt burdened by her first big role and decided to step down because she was not ready for the stardom that this project would provide.


The network moved quickly and filled the spot with actress Oh Yeon Seo. Oh Yeon Seo (“Come Back Mister”, “Shine Or Go Crazy”) is not a newbie. She has some major dramas under her belt and will definitely not shy away from the pressure of the lime light that will come with this project.

The drama is based the hit 2001 movie of the same title “My Sassy Girl”. Oh Yeon Seo will star opposite Joo Won who has long been confirmed as the male lead. “My Sassy Girl” will air sometime in 2017.


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