Oh Yeon Seo Talks Working with Park Bo Gum and Ideal Type


Actress Oh Yeon Seo is about to become a household name. The 29 year old has landed some major upcoming roles that are bound to put her on the A-list. Oh was recently confirmed to staropposite Joo Won in “My Sassy Girl”, as well as playing Hong Seol in the movie remake of “Cheese in the Trap” with Park Hae Jin.

The actress recently sat down with “Entertainment Relay” to discuss her upcoming projects, and spoke candidly about personal life and her future career goals. Oh revealed that she would like to work with Park Bo Gum in the future, saying “I’ve been enjoying your drama lately! If we have the opportunity at some point, I’d like to act together with you. Fighting!”

oh-yeon-seo3 When asked about her ideal type, the actress said that personality is most important, stating “I like guys who I can have a good conversation with. I used to look a lot at appearance, but now I look at a guy’s personality first.” When the host asked  if she prefers bad boys to good guys, Oh said “Half and half. I want a guy who’s a bad guy to other women, but good to me! That’d be perfect.”

Oh Yeon Seo is by no means a newbie in the industry. The actress debuted over 10 years ago, and slowly climbed her way up to the top. I am looking forward to seeing what she does with her role in “My Sassy Girl” and her chemistry with Joo Won.


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