“On the Way to the Airport” Releases Another Melancholy Trailer and Official Drama Posters

on the way to the airport2

KBS is gearing up for the premier of “On the Way to the Airport” on September 21st with releasing the official drama and character posters, along with it’s second teaser.

The drama is staying true to it’s nostalgic feel with the short clip. There is no real interaction between the actors, aside from long and poignant looks and voice-overs. The drama is about a woman, Choi Soo Ah (Kim Ha Neul), who works at an airport and is married to a pilot. They also have a 12 year old daughter. She is very content with her life until one day she meets Seo Do Woo (Lee Sang Yoon). Seo Do Woo is also married with a daughter, but becomes interested in Choi Soo Ah after a life changing event occurs.

on the way to the airport3 on the way to the airport4 on the way to the airport5 on the way to the airport6 on the way to the airport7

This will be a true melodrama. Check out the clip below…

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