“On the Way to the Airport” Releases Longest Trailer to Date & Hints at the Relationship Between the Leads

on the way to the airport8

Kim Ha Neul and Lee Sang Yoon’s “On the Way to the Airport” dropped a pretty lengthy teaser, depicting an aspect of the couple’s relationship. Of course I say the word couple cautiously since
Kim is playing a character in the drama who is married to someone else (Shin Sung Rok).

In the clip, Kim is having internal struggles about sending her young daughter abroad to an international school. Her character, Choi Soo Ah, is questioning her decision while Lee offers her some reassurance. He tells her that she is doing what’s best for her child and that his own daughter attended the same school and was very happy. The clip also shows some struggles Lee faces with losing someone he cared for, and then it wraps up with a scene previously released where the two exchange long and poignant looks.

“On the Way to the Airport” will premier on September 21st, and will air on Wednesdays/Thursdays.

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