Park Bo Gum & Kim Yoo Jung Are Ridiculously Good Looking in Elle Korea

Park Bo Gum Elle6

Our “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” couple, Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung recently shot a pictorial for Elle Korea, and it doesn’t get better than this. It’s stunning to watch them on screen  but a pictorial like this puts these actors on a different level.

Park Bo Gum Elle2

The two also briefly talked about filming their hit drama, which just broke through the 20% in ratings. Kim said ““Filming is difficult, Not only do I have to wear hanbok, but because I’m playing a man, I had to compress my chest. The first shoot was so hard that I wanted to run away. But now I’m enjoying each day. All the actors and staff are having fun filming”

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The actress went on to say that her and Park put a lot of effort in to making their chemistry seem natural before filming even began. Kim said “Park Bo Gum oppa is really good to me. We’re like siblings. Before we started production, we wanted to get close to each other so we did script readings together and went out to eat, but it felt awkward. When filming started, becoming closer happened naturally as we went through the difficulties together. Now not only Bo Gum oppa, but Jinyoung oppa and Kwak Dong Yeon oppa and all the seniors feel like family.”

Park Bo Gum Elle Park Bo Gum Elle4

Park Bo Gum on the other hand spoke about what he looks for in a girlfriend. The actor stated “I think I like those who feel comfortable like a friend, and also take good care of me like a mother.” The actor was then asked if he cries often in real life, since he does so much of it on screen, to which he replied “I’m not the type that cries a lot. I think I just tend to be empathetic.”

Park Bo Gum Elle5 Park Bo Gum Elle3

“Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” is a surprise hot for me. I was expecting this to be a light and fluffy drama, but it is turning out to have a lot of substance and appeal. Looking forward to what the writers and director have planned for the second half of the series.




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