Park Hae Jin Will Play Bodyguard to Park Sung Woong in “Man to Man”

park hae jin2

Cable Network JTBC has finally cast Park Sung Woong as the Hallyu star Park Hae Jin will be guarding in “Man to Man.” The network announced final casting for the two male leads this week, after much deliberation and public anticipation.

The drama is about a popular movie star who is known in the industry for playing “bad guy” characters, but who also¬†harbors a painful past in his real life. Park Hae Jin will play a special agent who disguises as a bodyguard to shadow Park Sung Woong.

Park Sung-woong - Copy

I am sensing major bromance at the end of this drama. First, choosing Park Sung Woong to play a character who majors in villain is ironic. The veteran actor made a career of playing the not-so-nice guy. They couldn’t have chosen better. Second, Park Hae Jin will portray a special agent/bodyguard? I am definitely ready and looking forward to this.

“Man to Man” will be completely pre-produced and begin filming in October, for a premier sometime in 2017.


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