Park Hyung Sik Talks “Hwarang:The Beginning” in CAMPUS CINE21 Magazine


Park Hyunk Sik shot a pictorial for CAMPUS CINE21 recently, and also sat down with the magazine to discuss what else, but the drama hat everyone’s is talking about.

The popstar/actor has been MIA since “High Society”, in which he and Lim Ji Yeon stole the show with their supporting character romance. Park has been busy performing in “The Three Musketeers” the musical, and filming the Flower Knights drama “Hwarang.” He said “Filming is fun because there’s so many of my peers on set. I have a lot of scenes with Park Seo Joon, so we became friendly. The staff and the cast suffered a lot from the heat, but I had a lot of fun filming.”


Park plays Sam Maek Jong, in the drama. Park continued “Sam Maek Jong has a lot of ambition, but he’s also a righteous Hwarang. I think he’s a very attractive character.” Ohh believe me, we think he is very attractive also.

parkhyungsik3 parkhyungsik4

The drama is on trend and will be completely pre-produced. Go Ara, SHINee’s Minho, and BTS’ V will also co-star. I thought I heard it all when casting for Lee Min Ho’s new drama and Scarlet Heart was revealed. Then KBS decided to hit us with another drop dead amazing cast. I am already looking forward to the drama, and we barely know anything about it. I am patpatiently awaiting new stills and previews soon.


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