Park Seo Joon Considering Lead Role In New Movie!


Park Seo Joon maybe coming to theaters in a new movie called “Youth Cop”. Audiences fell in love with Park for his take on characters in “Kill Me, Heal Me”, “She Was Pretty” and “A Witches Romance”, but if the actor takes this role it will be his first lead on the big screen.

Not much is known on the plot of the film yet. As of now, it is only being described as a story about two young cops who take on a case together. The role Park is considering is that of a young officer who is attending the police academy. Kim Joo Hwan will be directing the film, and has stated that the movie will be released some time in the second half of 2017.


Park is currently busy filming his historical drama “Hwarang: The Beginning”. “Hwarang” will star Park and a countless parade of other stars in a youth flower boy drama, that is scheduled to premier in the Fall.


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