Park Shin Hye Confirmed for New Legal Thriller Film


Park Shin Hye has yet to finish wrapping her current drama “Doctors”, and is already confirmed for a new role. Sources have confirmed that the actress will take on a movie for her next project.

Park will star in a legal thriller called “Witness of Silence.” The film is said to be about the daughter of a chaebol who witnesses a death. Park will play an attorney who represents the daughter of the chaebol, which will be played by Lee Soo Kyung (“Let’s Eat”). Ryu Jun Yeol (“Reply 1988”) and Choi Min Sik (“The Tiger”) have also been confirmed for the movie.


The role is not too much of a stretch for Park. She has played I’m-Going-To-Get-To-The-Truth types of roles before and has done quite well with them. I’m a bit surprised that she is taking on another project so soon after working a 20 episode drama. This however will be a film, so the shooting schedule can be a bit more accommodating.

“Witness of Silence” will be released sometime in 2017.

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