Park So Dam in Talks to Star in a New Thriller “Fifth Column”

park so dam

Our “Cinderella” Park So Dam, is up for a new role in a mystery thriller film “Fifth Column.” The actress is current in talks to star as a military investigator that accidentally discovers a secret that could bring down the entire military. Very scandalous…

If Park accepts the role, she will be the only female actress among a cast of veterans such as Song Kang Ho (“The Throne”), Ryu Seung Ryong (“The Sound of a Flower”) and Jung Woo (“The Handmaiden”). The actress is not a stranger to being surrounded by male co-stars, since her current drama¬† “Cinderella and Four Knights” has a similar dynamic.

park so dam2

Park So Dam is without a doubt a rising star in the industry, and its very well deserved. The actress, who virtually came out of no where, is very talented and it is quite obvious that she will have longevity if she chooses the right roles. I am looking forward to seeing what she is capable of in the future,

“Fifth Column” will begin filming by the end of the year, for a premier in 2017.


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