Park Yoochun’s Younger Brother Park Yoo Hwan Sued For Ending Common Law Marriage!


This family is having a tough year. Park Yoochun’s little brother Park Yoo Hwan (“She was Pretty”) is being sued for allegedly ending his common law marriage. The plaintiff, referred to as “A” in the lawsuit, is seeking damages from Park for annulling their marriage.

Park’s agency C-JeS Entertainment responded to the lawsuit stating “The lawsuit against Park Yoo Hwan is a civil suit, and the truth will be revealed in court”. This is a similar position the agency took earlier this year when Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault. Common Law Marriage is considered legal if can be proven. This is a marriage where there is no signed license, but instead the couple is recognized as a married couple by society without having proper legal paperwork. I can’t imagine this case not getting messy. In order to prove “A’s” side she will have to call witnesses and people who were close and knew the couple well.


Meanwhile, authorities in the sexual assault case for Park Yoo Hwan’s older brother, have issued an arrest warrant for Park Yoochun’s first accuser. A source from the police department stated “We requested arrest warrants because we judged that the crime is not minor but rather quite serious. The acceptance or rejection of the request will be decided later today”.

This family just can’t catch a break. Boys…you need to get it together. I can’t imagine that the parents are holding up well at this point. I am hoping for a quick resolve for everyone at least in the Yoo Hwan’s case.

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