Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung Snags the Leading Role in “Polyclinic Doctor”


This must be the week for medical dramas! JS Pictures announced this week that they will be producing a new youth medical drama starring Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung (“38 Task Force”).

The show will be about struggling third year medical students who are in danger of failing their exams. They go through clinical training in various hospital departments including surgery, psychiatry and emergency medicine. The student eventually learn how to be real doctors after going through struggles both personally and professionally.


“Polyclinic Doctor” does not yet have a home and has yet to be signed to a network. However, with the casting of Sooyoung, I am sure it won’t be long until this is picked up by one of the big players. Aside from our heroine, the drama is in the middle of casting the rest of the roles. I am looking forward to hearing who will take the male lead and star opposite Sooyoung. Stay tuned for details.




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