Rain and f(X)’s Victoria Starring in Chinese Drama


Its official, Rain will be headlining a new Chinese drama with f(x)’s Victoria.

The drama is called “Endless August” and will begin filming sometime this month.

I don’t know what has been going on with Rain since his military discharge, but I find this news a bit shocking. Another girl group member, and a girl group member from the same group as his previous costar in a drama that bombed?

“My Lovely Girl” was a disaster, in fact I still wince every time I hear the title. Krystal and him were completely mismatched and had zero chemistry. Now there is a new drama, in a new country, with a new member of the same group…interesting.

I am hoping for this best on this one since I hate to see him take another hit. Lets keep our fingers crossed that his agent knows what he is doing.

rain5 victoria

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