Han Suk Kyu, Seo Hyun Jin & Yoo Yeon Seok Cast in “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim”


SBS is finalizing their casting for “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim”, which is set to premier in November, after “Scartlet Hear Ryeo” finished it’s run. The network confirmed Han Suk Kyu (“Secret Door”), Seo Hyun Jin (“Another Oh Hae Young”) and Yoo Yeon Seok (“Warm and Cozy”) as their 3 leads.

“Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” is described as a human medical drama. Han Suk Kyu is set to play Kim Sa Bu, who is described as “eccentric recluse.” Seo Hyun Jin will playYoon Seo Jung, a talented surgeon who hides a painful past. And last but not least, Yoo Yeon Seok will play Kang Dong Joo, who is also a surgeon, and who desires success in order to make up for his poor upbringing.

Another medical drama for SBS…what a surprise. The network seems to like the medical genre lately, having just finished “Doctors.” In fact, aside from a few insignificant plot-points, this upcoming drama sounds a lot like their previous hit. Writer Kang Eun Kyung will be penning this project, and having done some great work before (Including “Gu Family Book”), I am interested to see in which direction she will take this series.


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