“My Sassy” Girl” Starring Joo Won, Has Chosen Its Female Lead!


At last we have a winner…the female lead goes to…Kim Joo Hyun.

Joo Won will star opposite Kim Joo Hyun in the remake of the cult classic movie “My Sassy Girl.”

The drama will closely mimic the movie, which is about a complicated and intricate relationship between a man and a feisty woman. The only major difference so far, is that the story will take place in the Joseon Dynasty rather than modern day world.

Kim Joo Hyun beat out 1,800 people to win the lead role, which was chosen by the public.

The drama will follow the new trend and will be completely preproduced. The filming is schdules to start some time in August for an air date in early 2017.

I am so excited to hear that we will get at least one more drama from Joo Won, who is due for his mandatory army enlistment soon. Also sending the lucky Kim Joo Hyun and big congratulations…get ready for mega stardom…

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