Script Reading for Joo Won’s “My Sassy Girl” Held

joo won

I guess we will have to wait until SBS releases official pictures from the table read, to find out who the leading actress will be. This drama has started out as such a mess. To not name a heroin prior to the entire production gathering, is not the norm in the industry.

Rumor has it that Oh Yeon Seo has definitely been confirmed for the role, it’s just a matter of the network not dealing with the backlash of playing switch up. Kim Joo Hyun, who initially won the role, after beating out thousands of other hopefuls, was demoted to supporting actress status because the SBS did not have the courage to go with a less known name. My heart goes out to Kim. This is such an unfortunate turn of events. However, let’s all keep our fingers crossed, and hope for the best, since this drama has the potential to be great.

oh yeon seo

“My Sassy Girl” is based on the original version of the same name that was released in 2001. The drama will premier sometime in early 2017.


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